Welcome to 718 Cyclery's Online Bike Builder. Upon submission, we will generate a full, interactive parts list within 48 hours. We will then be able to work directly with you to further to arrange a Collaborative Build in-person, or get your bike built and shipped (free) to the Lower 48 States.

We are not a fulfillment or assembly center, we are a working bike shop. We have many years of experience building hundreds of bikes collaboratively in our shop with our customers. As a matter of fact, the shop was founded on the concept of working directly with our customers. Building a project with us will involve as much interaction as you require.
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Lets get an honest assessment of what we're about to dive into. Nothing is set in stone, but it's nice to know where we are starting from (it goes to 11)
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Let us know your height, if you don't mind. This will help us determine an approximate frame size.

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Are you looking for stock wheels, or perhaps looking to have us build up a custom hand-built set? If going custom, please use "Comments" section at end of this form to let us know what you're thinking.

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What sort of surface will you be riding on?

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Drivetrains are listed by the numbers of chainrings on the crank versus the number of cogs on the rear cassette. For example, a "2x11" denotes a drivetrain with 2 chainrings on the crank, and 11 cogs on the rear cassette.

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Disc brakes use a brake caliper to grab a hub mounted rotor, while a rim brake is a more traditional set-up with the the brake caliper grabbing the rim itself. Hydraulic brakes use fluid to actuate the brake caliper. (Please be aware that only the Surly LHT currently accepts Rim Brakes within the Online Bike Builder)

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If you have information you want to let us know about, here's the place.
Thank you very much. We will contact you shortly with next steps!
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